Summer Plans ’13

My time spent at Columbia has been a tough one. Academic life in college is very stressful… and not something I’ve been able to fully grasp still. I still feel as though I am figuring my way around here even though my time to do that has passed. It’s been hard… I suppose I just wish I was happier 

This summer of 2013 will be a packed but exciting one for me! For some reason, I feel more nervous than optimistic. . . But I hope that writing a fun post a day and some sketching will help! I hope I do not bore any of you readers and I really look forward to hopefully reading some comments and getting feedback from all of you!

Here is what I will be doing this summer:

  1. Neuroscience Research
  2. Clinical Experience
  3. Trial BME Course
  4. Spending quality time with my significant other
  5. Hanging out with my close friends that have equally insane summer plans
  6. Cooking
  7. Posting on WordPress
  8. Painting watercolors

So there you have it! Hope all of you have a great summer… I’m a little afraid of mine, personally


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