Monthly Archives: December 2013

It is New Year’s Eve tonight in New York, New York. A mixture of events occurred in my life in 2013:

1. Most notably, I began a new relationship in college with an amazing and bright student. It took us a long time to get to that point. After numerous qualms and quarrels, we both overcame our fears and decided to take our friendship to the next level. Sadly, our relationship did not make it to 1 year. It is hard to reflect on it and not feel incredibly emotional. Without a doubt, the best part of 2013 for me was this relationship and meeting this great person. I will always treasure the great memories we had together and there were plenty of those.

2. Another great event that happened to me in 2013 was joining the laboratory I am currently in at Columbia University. It is an extremely prestigious and well-renowned lab at Columbia. When I first applied, I was extremely nervous. I thought I was aiming too high and that I would never get in. Nonetheless, I had dreamt of joining this lab and was determined to at least give it a shot. In January of 2013, I had my interview. It was such a nerve-wracking experience. I remember my heart racing the entire time and frantically memorizing bits and pieces of papers that the lab had worked on minutes before.  When the interview was coming to a close, my P.I. asked me to write the Nernst equation on a whiteboard. With a lot of luck, I actually remembered it and wrote it on the board. The interview ended with him saying “You start Monday.”

I have been in this lab for one year and I intend to continue for the remainder of my time here. It has been an incredible experience so far. Our lab is like a family and we all help each other, academically and emotionally. When my significant other and I broke up, everyone in lab was really shocked and did their best to help me (he previously came to one of our lab dinners and often picked me up after work). I always came to find chocolates and gummi bears on my lab desk . The people in lab exchanged their own break-up tales with me to help me understand that I was not alone. 

3. I began tutoring a little girl from Tokyo, Japan in English. Our lessons were so fun… that my P.I. came to tell us to be quiet once (which was not good). We had very amusing conversations, and she is such a great joy to be with. I often timed my coffee breaks to be when she got back from school, so we could fool around together. Our lab has an amazing coffee machine, by the way. I recently learned how to make cappuccinos with it. Anyway, we became very close and she is almost like a sister to me. It’s sad to think that she will be moving back to Japan at one point. I will enjoy the time I have with her now as much as I can.

So these are my new year’s resolutions:

1. Be happy

2. Be healthy

3. Publish, not perish

4. Paint more

5. Read more

6. Write more

7. Draw more

8. Fulfill Hazuki’s long “to-do” list

9. Redecorate lab desk for you and Hazuki

10. Redecorate dorm

11. Be more social

(I say this one every year, and I never do it…). Perhaps this year will be different

Best of Luck everyone! Have a happy and joyous new year!


A little friend of mine is moving away to Japan… and just thinking about it makes me incredibly sad. She is such a good girl. And we both love each other a lot. I’m sure she loves me. She runs as fast as she can when she sees me. She squeezes my hand when we walk around campus. She tells me that when she grows up, she wants to be just like me. She says “I can’t wait to be a scientist” while seeing me do homework. She admires my obsession with penmanship and gel ink. I’ve always been extremely fond of gel pens… much more than fountain pens, even (perhaps because they aren’t as messy and the ink isn’t as costly). As a gift for her for the holidays, I actually got her gel pens and notebooks.

Since I have some time on my hands as I am on vacation, I intend to redecorate both of our lab desks (my little friend is an honorary member of the lab haha). I’ll post pictures when it’s been completed!

It’s sad to see someone you love move away to other side of the world… You wonder if she’ll be okay and if she’ll be able to make new friends and adjust to life there. Well, I’m sure she will. I will just miss her. I’m quite lonely on campus and she is the one few people that provides me with some company and loves me with her whole heart. I am sure of it.

And so… I’ll try to surprise her when she comes back from Japan with an awesome newly decorated desk, glitter and all. My P.I. will not be pleased, which is all the more reason to do it.