Monthly Archives: February 2014

Parties are the most frightening social settings known to her. She jumps at the sight of tranquil drinks. She screams at the sight of audacious eyes. But the one thing she is most afraid of is him. She is sure of his sex, his motive and his dreams. He wants to make movies. He wishes to sleep under starry skies every night. And he longs to wake next to her, not she.

My P.I. is this person for me and I feel so fortunate to be a student in his lab. Sometimes I don't always have faith in myself but I know he always does. And so even when I am struggling, I often think of him and do my best to pull through. I am always very scared to disappoint him because he trusts me so much. As a young undergraduate, I have published 3 major papers in peer-reviewed journals and I will be presenting at 2 upcoming conferences at Harvard Medical School (HMS) in April '14. Our first major paper is well underway and we are aiming big for it as we tackled an unanswered 80-year old question with quantitative methods! I am happy I ended up this in the lab and I hope to do my best both in academia and research. I have a tendency to gear my full efforts towards my research simply because I like it more and it is strangely therapeutic. I suppose we all make mistakes and we have to forgive ourselves and move forward. And such is life